How to Post Uncropped Photos on Instagram with No Crop


With the purchase by Facebook and the ever growing number of users, it is no doubt Instagram is one of the most popular photo applications in the world. Still, many users insist that the automatic cropping of pictures ruins their images and adds to frustration. Luckily, a new application called No Crop enables users to get around this silly Instagram feature.

no crop 1
no crop 2
no crop 3

By adding additional white space around the photo, No Crop enables users to take wider and more complete pictures without worrying whether Instagram will cut off the image. The app can be used after taking the photo or once they are loaded through Instagram. Obviously, adding white space will decrease the viewable area of the photograph, but many Instagram sufferers are more than willing to make the trade. This app is completely free and has good ratings on the app store so far.

#NoCrop – Post full size photos on Instagram [No Big Deal Apps LLC]

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