How to Organize Your Computer Wires


Routers, power strips, modems, etc., allow our electronics to do amazing things, but they also can make our homes into clutter disaster zones that no one wants to look at. Want to escape the maze of computer wires so you can focus on your computer and not your cable piles?

Then invest in a pegboard and some wire so you can follow Decluttered’s handy how-to guide and build your own technology organizer that will sit conveniently, and inconspicuously, under your desk. Alternatively, you can also use Velcro or zip ties in place of wire if you’re worried about accidentally scraping your leg under the surface of your desk. The entire project not only clears out a ton of clutter from computer wires, but is also cheap -it costs less than $35 to put the whole thing together.

computer set

Original Source – IKEA Hackers

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