How To Get A Faster Email Response

How To Get A Faster Email Response

Ever find yourself waiting on responses to emails you sent out days ago? How would you go about making sure people got back to you when you wanted?

Michael Hyatt has a few easy tips that should get those emails bouncing back quicker.

Tell them what you need in the first sentence. Don’t make the recipient wade through a long e-mail to get to the request. Put it at the top of the message and then let them decide if they need more information. For example, the other day, I got an interview request. The sender went on and on about their magazine—the company’s history, the market demographics, the circulation, etc. I had no idea why this information was relevant to me and almost deleted it. Then, after two pages of information, they asked me for the interview. Don’t make this mistake. Get to the point.

Keeping things clear with intentions and timelines should really be enough. You can politely ask anyone in any email to get back to you by a certain time. Email should, for work purposes, be kept brief and to the point.

How to Get a Faster Response to Your E-mail – [MichaelHyatt]

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