How to Secure Your Wireless Network


Securing your wireless network may seem like a it is an excess step, one that will make it harder to get new devices onto your network, but it is very important. It makes it harder for other people to use your network with out your consent. Seeing as those people using your network you will be taking up a portion of your bandwidth you will find all of the devices on your network run web based tasks more slowly. So your downloads could take longer. It also helps to secure your devices, as an open web connection can be an invitation to your personal data. Logging into your banking site at home might feel safe, but if you’re network is not secured it could be anything but. After all if someone else has access to your network traffic you may be giving away your log on information to anyone with a packet sniffer. In this lesson, we are going to take a look at how you can keep your network safe and your personal data too.

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