How to Play Super Mario Bros Straight from your Browser


If you’re old enough to be reading Lifehack, you likely have memories playing Super Mario Bros on a classic Nintendo Entertainment System. If you want to relive those memories there’s no need to go rummaging through dark basements or flea market stalls for a cartridge you’ll have to blow like a balloon to start up. In fact, you don’t even need to close your browser.

Amanda Kooser of CNET recently reported that there is a complete version of the classic game coded in HTML5. That means you can play it right from your browser. The game, recreated by a man named Joshua Goldberg, comes in two versions: one for Chrome and another for other browsers. The main game plays just like you remember but if you want something different, you have the option of creating your own levels.

Super Mario Level Editor

Make your own levels in Super Mario Bros.

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Original Source – CNET – Super Mario Fully Playable Online Using HTML5

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