How Often Should You Tweet: Just One Simple Equation


Do you ever wonder how often should you tweet? I do. It’s the main reason I set aside time to research on the ideal tweeting frequency. I wanted some intelligent and proven answers, so I could improve my Twitter strategy.

With regards this, there are additional questions most tweeps are eager to ask. They are:

1. How do you figure out whether you are tweeting too little or too much?

2. Will Twitter users start unfollowing you for congesting their timeline with your overflowing tweets or for making your account dormant for days or even worse, for weeks? (sshhh… yes, there are tweeps like those).


Anyway, I’ll bless you today! I’ll present a simple equation you can use as a guide to address the Twitter issues we have raised above. This gem is written by Urooj Kazi. Voracious reader. Social media eager beaver. Content Wiz at JustUnfollow – a friend management app for Twitter and Instagram. Have you joined our over 4 million users yet?

How Often Should You Tweet: One Simple Equation | Urooj Kazi

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