In this post you’ll discover how much memory is actually being used by your phone. The company that manufactured your mobile device informed you via its manuals and brochures that it has 16GB of memory, but in actuality, you can only use about 50% of it.

You will know the truth in a short while. Yes, we have a shocking exposé here. Like what the Bible says: the truth shall set you free. This piece will surely give you the freedom to choose the phone that will actually give you the size of data storage you are drooling about. Indeed, you will find out the top three brands to consider when acquiring your mobile device.  So that next time you go shopping for that gadget, you are bringing with you the info you need to wisely choose the right phone for you. I’m happy to tell you Lifehack is sharing you this vital info now.

Ok, it’s time to open the box. The top three brands with regards the biggest data storage are… Third rank: Apple iphone 5S, second rank: Google Nexus 5, and the first rank: Apple iphone 5C.

Go check the details at Phone storage compared – Samsung S4 still in last place published by Which? Tech Daily.


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