How To Get Better Photos On Your Phone


These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone with an inbuilt camera. Often this camera is used to take photos that will be uploaded to social media sites such as Instagram or Twitter, or because not everyone carries an actual camera around with them all the time. However, these photos can often come out a bit grainy or blurry which is always disappointing. It’d be great to be able to take good quality pictures every time you whip your phone out, huh? Well, here are eight ways to get the best phone photos possible!


So remember, next time you want to get the best possible picture:

1. Good Lighting

2. Get Close up

3. Composition

4. Be Brave

5. Practice

6. Keep it real

7. Keep Shooting

8. Pick A Suitable/ Quality App

Of course there isn’t always time to apply all of these at once, but you can always use a couple at any given time. Happy phone-tographing!

Phone-Tography 101 | Digital Information World

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