A teacher is revolutionizing education, one class at a time by integrating a gaming concept to his lesson plan. He conceptualized, created and introduced a collaborative Role Playing Game, Classcraft, to his physics class. This gamification not only got the attention of his students but also encouraged more involvement overall.

Students are divided into three categories – Mage, Warrior or Healer

ClassCraft Teams

Classcraft helped many students who were not even making the grade earlier. It wasn’t just grades that improved; Classcraft also enhanced interpersonal relationship between students and increased engagement level. The game runs real time, throughout the academic year. It uses a unique system to reward – bonuses and time offs or penalize – truncated time for assignments or even detention.  .

It is one of the best strategies to have come up in the recent times that can change the face of education if implemented successfully across all subjects and institutions. Watch the video to learn more about it.


Featured photo credit: Classcraft via goo.gl

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