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How to Extend Windows Trial Versions up to Three Times Longer

A Windows trial version is great because it gives you a way to see what the OS has to offer before you shell out cash. They are full-featured versions of the operating system so they really have no downside, except for the fact that they expire. If your trial has run out before you’ve decided whether or not you want a full upgrade, you can actually extend the trial up to three times and it’s not even illegal.

Open a command prompt in your trial version of windows and enter the following command, “slmgr /rearm”. Once done, hit “Enter” and restart your computer. For a three month trial, such as the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Trial, that gives you nearly nine months to try before you buy. Most Windows trial versions let you rearm three times, but try for a fourth and you’ll be denied. Check out a recent article posted on PureIntoTech by Mauro for more information about rearming trial versions of Windows. The article also tells you have to use the slmgr command to find out more information about your license information.

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Original Source – PureInfoTech – How to Extend the 90-Day Trial Period of Windows 8 Enterprise

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