How to Customize Windows 8's Win+X Menu With a Free Utility


In Windows 8, if you right-click the bottom-left corner of your desktop or press “Win+X,” you’ll access a power user menu that provides quick links to a bunch of useful admin tools. In it’s default state it’s not a tool that many average users will find useful. After all, how often does the average web surfer need a command prompt? However, there is a tool called the Win+X Menu Editor that allows you to personalize that menu to make it as useful as you could want.

MakeUseOf’s Chris Hoffman lays out your options in a recent article. He explains that using this simple free utility, you can completely overhaul the basic menu turning it into a excellent tool for desktop users. Do you hate digging through the Charms menu to shut down or restart? Add shutdown commands to the menu. Want quick access to your favorite programs? Add a link to the menu. Want to cull the list and remove links you don’t need? The Win+X Menu Editor can help you with that too. With just a few minutes to set it up, you can give yourself an invaluable tool to help navigate the Start menu-less Windows 8.

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Shut Down, Restart, Log Out, And More


Add Your Frequently Used System Tools


Include Any Control Panel Shortcut

Include Any Control Panel Shortcut

Original Source – MakeUseOf – 8 Ways to Improve Windows 8 With the Win+X Menu Editor

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