We don’t want to lose our precious gadgets and that’s why we take some many measures to prevent it. We already have some typical tracker apps in this category to help you prevent your Apple device from being stolen, but this one is quite unique. ‘Hidden’ is one of those amazing apps which will make sure that you never lose your iPhone, iPad or Mac again!

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If someone tries to get away with stealing your gadget, ‘Hidden’ will make sure that they won’t stay out of your sight for long. If your device is being stolen, it will raise a fake alarm. Once they try to stop the alarm, it will launch an app which will take a snapshot of the thief and also start tracking nearly every activity.

The official page goes on to proclaim that you will either get your device back or they will return whatever you paid for it! Head on to their official page to know more about it.

Source - Hidden For Apple Devices

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