As sound sleep is really indispensable for well-being of everyone. While some people doesn’t have any sleeping-related issues, others suffer from sleep-deprivation other issues associated with sleeping.  Do you ever wish you could sleep less, but at the same time, feel refreshed and energetic when you wake up? It was not possible to o so up until now, but NeuroOn, a Kickstarter funded project has turned this mere figment into reality.

If you have ever wished for a sleep mask that could create a unique sleep schedule for you and decide different sleeping modes for you, NeuroOn is the answer to your call. It can easily switch you from polyphasic to monophasic sleep and vice-versa by monitoring your brainwave. Simply put, you can sleep less and sqeeze more hours in your busy schedule for other works.

If you want to know ore about it and buy this product, you can head o to their Kickstarter page.

Source - NeuroOn

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