Here is How You Can Browse Without Using Your Mouse


Do you wish you could browse with ease without even touching your mouse? I’s pretty difficult to imagine that as mouse has been the inseparable part since its inception. How easier it would be for us to browse without mouse? This is where ”Vimium’, an amazing Chrome extension, comes in handy.

It makes browsing experience so fun and convenient that once you get used to it, it gets pretty difficult to use a PC without Vimium. It’s finally mouseless browsing that really works. If you are a keyboard-centric person, you would love this extension as it always relies on keyboard shortcuts.

Vimium Help

All in all, it’s a really useful extension that is sure to increase your efficiency and productivity. It’s a must-have for everyone who hates to reach to mouse every other second. If you want to know more about it or download it, head on over to the Chrome Web Store by hitting the link below.

Source – Vimium Chrome Web Store

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