No matter where you are, you wouldn’t want intruders in your house. What if you could get notified when someone entered you home in your absence? This is where Goji Smart Lock, an IndieGoGo funded tool, comes in handy!


The Goji Smart Lock gives you real-time pictures of the person who is trying to enter your home via message or email. You can configure it easily to get all the activities around the Goji lock to be captured by the camera and sent you you for the surveillance via message or email, whatever you prefer.

(Introduction of Goji starts at 11:40 in the video)

If you have missed the live footage, you can login to Goji mobile app anytime where all the videos are stored. You don’t need keys anymore! Just send them an ‘access’ online and they will be able to enter your house using the authentication. It’s crammed with more similar features!

To know more about it, you can head on to their official website.

Original Source  | Goji

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