Organizing Screenshots On Your Phone Is Easier Than You Thought


Do you take a lot of screenshots for work?

There’s no efficient way to manage them, if you’re like me your gallery is filled with double takes and random folders. Uploading them to a cloud server isn’t the solution when you need to share screenshots to individuals from your mobile.

Now there’s an app that is dedicated to screenshot management called Screenshotter.

The app treats your screenshots differently from your personal photos. This allows you to quickly go through a series of pics without rummaging through the selfies and party photos from the night before.

One of the problems about taking screenshots is getting them right. Chances are your folders composed of numerous obstructed screenshots that lack perfect timing. The Screenshotter app allows you to archive the pics you like, which lets you quickly discard the ones that don’t meet your standards.

Screenshotter – Organize and Manage Screenshots on the iPhone | Screenshotter


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