Greenify: Save Your Phone's Battery Life Considerably


It’s a given that over time our phone will get littered with so many apps which reduces the battery life of your phone. Naturally, we all want our phone’s battery life to extend as far as possible, bu it doesn’t happen. We do everything we can to conserve the energy, but despite our efforts, battery drains down rather quickly.

Unless you have a super-strong battery which can sustain a lot of energy at once, you’ll have to deal with this issue.Well, not anymore. This is where Greenify comes in handy!


You need to have an Android phone as it’s only available for Android. It identifies the most power-hungry apps and hibernates them to significantly expend the battery life of your Android Phone. You would have noticed that some apps still linger around in the background even after you are done using it. You wouldn’t need to do anything about them as ‘Greenify’ would auto-hibernate them. It makes your battery last significantly longer than it would in normal circumstances.

Source – Greenify Google Play



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