Got ADHD? Try These Sleep Apps For Snoozing Soundly


See if these sound familiar: persistent short attention span, distractability, and procrastination. Those are just a few of the characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or ADHD). If you carry that specific diagnosis already, or sometimes just feel like your attention is waning, you will want to check out some of these applications that cater to those individuals. The apps are made to provide a helping hand in getting to sleep by limiting external distractions.

Despite some claims that certain people with ADHD are more creative, it can be difficult to fall asleep easily when a person’s mind is racing. Not everyone wants to take medications (although you should always follow your doctor’s recommendations), and there are alternative modalities for addressing ADHD.

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Relax Melodies App provides the ability to mix and match sounds that allow you tune out the world. And the best part is that it is free in addition to being effective.

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Sleep 101 App takes a slightly different approach to helping ADHDers. This free app aims to track your sleep patterns to provide a smarter way to wake up during the right sleep cycle stage.

Get the other apps here: 8 Best Sleep Apps for ADHD Adults |

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