GoPro Camera Plus Drone Equals Awsome Footage


Drones are all over the place in the news. Depending on where you live, the little unmanned pests might be in your airspace too. The thing is, they can be fun to play with (assuming you aren’t up to any evil deeds). The Hexo+ is a super cool little drone ideal for your GoPro camera.

Aside from peeing into your neighbor’s backyard to see what they are grilling, you can take some pretty amazing aerial footage. The drone lets you program in a path and will fly it without any further action from you. Set up the actions and the drone takes off letting you concentrate on the action you are filming.

As you might imagine, this kind of gadget is going to be popular. It’s in-fact super popular. At the time of this writing, the KickStarter project had 20 days left and was at just shy of $872,000. That’s pretty good since they were only looking for $50,000.

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