GoPlug: The Complete Rechargeable Bag For All Your Travel Needs


Are you always running out of power when traveling?

These days, airports have limited sockets. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to find a vacant one, as most outlets are being used by other travelers.

The creators of GoPlug noticed this problem and made a product to help people who like to travel with all their digital devices running full. The Go Plug is a durable bag with a built-in charger. At first glance, the bag looks great.

Open the side compartment and you’ll see why you need this bag. The internal charger has slots for USB ports and power outlets. You’re not limited to charging digital devices. Instead, you can power up virtually anything that needs to be plugged in!

The company has several types of bags depending on your personal needs. The bags range from small messenger pouches to a bulky trolley.

Do you think this product is useful? Let us know what you think.

GoPlug – Powering Mobility | Kickstarter

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