GMD Gesture Control: Control Your Android Phone With Your Gestures


Controlling phone with our hands is not always a possibility.That’s why tools like ‘Google Voice Recognition’ have emerged in the past to help you out with it. What if you could use gestures to control your  Android Phone? Well, now it’s possible with ‘GMD Gesture Control’!

‘GMD Gesture Control’ allows you to control your Android Phone or Tablet with mere gestures. Downloadable from Play store, it allows you to create your own custom made gestures besides hundreds of available predetermined gestures. Moreover, it allows you to easily hide your status bar while playing games and browsing web. ‘GMD Gesture Control’ supports most of he recent apps and games!


It’s definitely worth a shot for those who are tired of the mundane Status Bar and want new and intuitive gesture-based controls.If you wat to know more about it and download this gesture-control tool, you can head on to Google Play Store

Source – Google Play Store

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