Glowdeck - A Must-Have Companion For Your Smartphone


The Glowdeck is a new concept tool that marries the best of Notification center, bluetooth speakers and a wireless charging deck into one good looking dock. There are many products in the market with these individual functions but with Glowdeck, you pay one price for all three functionalities.

This multi-purpose beauty is intuitive, loaded with all the features you could ever want of a smartphone dock and it looks good even when it’s not in use. Its wooden exteriors come in a variety of finish and once it’s connected to your local network, you can get all your notifications, calls and text messages without even touching your phone. Glowdeck can double up as a sound dock playing music from your phone while charging. For the more adventurous folks out there, it can match the LED glow to the music. Does this pique your interest? Check out the video below to know more about it.

Featured photo credit: Glowdeck via

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