UPDATE: I have emailed the redeem codes to the first 10 commenters. I missed to point out is that the redeem code only works with iTunes US account (Apple, please improve this!). If you’ve received the code and you don’t have an US account and wish to pass to the next commenters, reply me and let me know. For other people who missed this time, don’t worry, we will do it again soon.

Apple has now started allowing us (iPhone developers) to give away free copies of our iPhone applications. So this week we are going to give away 10 copies of Meeting Time. The first 10 commenters with a reason why they need this tiny little iPhone app will get themselves a redeem code through email (so make sure you have spelled your email correctly).

Here the little description about Meeting Time:

Find a suitable meeting time for different timezones, conveniently.

Have you ever had the need to organize a teleconference and face with the problem of finding a suitable time for everyone in various time zones? With this little handy utility, you can find out the best time for everyone easily.

After adding different locations to the list, Meeting Time calculates their time based on your current timezone. You can flick the time picker to change your local time and the corresponding time for these locations will be shown. After you have found the right time for everyone, press the compose mail icon and you can send everyone with the proposed schedule.

Meeting Time Features:
– Easy to use interface. Just flick the time picker and choose your local time to found out the respective time and date for other time zones;
– Add locations by timezone or city name;
– One-click to send an email of the meeting schedule to the attendees.

Meeting Time for iPhone – [Stepcase]

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