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Get Invited To Any Private Beta

Get Invited To Any Private Beta

For all the latest web startups and their invitation-only beta launches, there are a hoard of early adopters ready to try them out. Whether it’s money-management Mint or something seemingly less useful like Pownce, this site has you covered.

InviteShare rounds up the most popular web apps in private beta and let’s wannabe users add their emails to the list. People who have invites to share for any given app can now invite those lucky people.

The incentive lies in a system where the more invites you send, the higher you get on the list for invites you want.

It’s simple and it really works. Literally, within seconds I had a Pownce invite. Granted, within seconds I was bored of Pownce. In any case, InviteShare works and is worth a look.

Everyone Is Invited! – [InviteShare] Via -[TechCrunch]

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