If you do a lot of web research, or you often like to look up words when reading articles, it can be a pain having to open up a new tab to do so. If you have a small laptop screen, it’s even more inconvenient because you don’t have much space to work with as it is. If one of these is your dilemma, you will definitely benefit from Kikin.

Kikin is a Chrome extension and Android app that essentially lets you click (or tap) to search for a keyword or phrase. If you’re familiar with Mac OS X, this is similar to the three-finger tap “look up” feature. However, Kikin does much more than just look up the definition of words; it gives you instant search results without leaving the page.

As you’ll see in the video, long clicking on any word or phrase will bring up all sorts of results: images, videos, maps and more. Since you never have to leave the page, other than to see read more about a search result, it really makes your life easier and saves time.

Kikin for Chrome | Kikin

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