People seeking for knowledge, information, and important data will most likely look for one thing — a tablet. In fact, for ages tablets have existed, but of course the tablets you can avail of today are different from the tablets during the time of the Sumerians.

The Sumerians were the most extraordinary humans who ever walked the face the earth. The reason is pretty obvious — many historians believe they single-handedly invented civilization, and they did this while the rest of the world were still stuck in the Stone Age.

Can you believe that? While the world was still using primitive tools, the Sumerians were already building pyramids, and pressing symbols unto clay tablets. How did they do it? They engraved symbols on those tablets using a stylus. Moreover, in further studies, scholars and historians agree that those tablets were the earliest form of books.

Jumping to the digital age now, the latest models of tablets has forever changed the way we inform ourselves and read books.

The infographic by below presents a brief history of reading.

From Tablet to Tablet- The History of Reading

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