Often, I have telephone and online conferences with people in different timezones and need to schedule a convenient time for everyone. Problem is that there are no suitable tools that allow me to change to different time quickly and view the time in different timezones. So we developed a handy little productivity app for iPhone called “Meeting Time”. Yes, this is developed in-house by the guys at Stepcase.

After adding different locations to the list, it calculates their time based on your current timezone. You can flick the time picker to change your local time and the corresponding time for these locations will be shown. After you have found the right time for everyone, press the compose mail icon and you can send everyone with the proposed schedule. Now no one needs to be up in the middle of the night.

This little handy tool will only set you back USD$0.99 and it is available on App Store. With your support, we can develop more and more productivity tools, for you. Watch for this space for more app releases from us.

Meeting Time for iPhone – [Stepcase]

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