Tipstrs is a site that allows users to share hints, tips, and various information. Tipstrs is a knowledge repository mixed with a touch of social bookmarking. The tips listed at Tipstrs are organized according to topic. The topics range from art and resumes to children, computers, and woodworking. The following is the vision for Tipstrs:

The intention is that tipstrs be used as a hybrid of a social bookmarking site, and the variety of sites that offer tips, and advice on particular topics. Instead of having this information spread across scores of sites, tipstrs is designed to accommodate it all.

With the ability to include external links, tipstrs can certainly be used for social bookmarking. But tipstrs offers the ability to do more than just link to content which exists elsewhere, it can also be used as a content repository. How it will ultimately be used will be dependent on you, the user.

Find hints, tips, and information with Tipstrs – [Tipstrs]

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