If you enjoy reading or writing blogs, Blog Strings is a site worth checking out. Blog Strings promises to connect bloggers and readers on one site. The site is free for readers and bloggers and the idea is that readers can find great blogs and bloggers can promote their blog. Seems like a win-win. Let us know what you think the comments.

Blog Strings is a new meeting site for bloggers and those who enjoy browsing blogs. Whether you blog at MySpace, LiveJournal, Blogspot or host your own using MT, WordPress, Vox or Textpattern, BlogStrings is here to bring together bloggers and readers who share the same interests!

Our goal is to connect interesting people from all walks of life and,in the process, bring traffic to your blog. Blog Strings is completely FREE for readers. Bloggers can get FREE and FULL access simply by adding a BlogStrings link to their blog — seems fair, right?

Find great content with Blog Strings – [Blog Strings]

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