Fin Turns Your Palm into a Touch Interface for Controlling Smart Devices


Imagine being able to wear a stylish, ring-sized Bluetooth device on your thumb, that magically turns your palm into a touch interface. Now imagine that you can use your palm (now a touch interface) to control devices like your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows), smart TV, automobile, home automation devices, game consoles and more. Well, this is exactly what Fin does.

This tiny piece of technology, created by RHL Vision Technologies, will have you communicating with all your smart devices in no time – using hand gestures. Fin is waterproof and features an LED indicator and sensors to help accurately track the movement of your thumb on your palm. It’s also smart enough to detect detect each part of your finger when touching them together.

To see Fin in action, be sure to watch the above video; you’ll see that it really does put all your favorite gadgets at your fingertips. Do you think Fin will make your life easier?

Fin: Make Your Palm a Gesture Interface | Indiegogo

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