First A.I. Home Console Designed To Always Keep You Happy


The mounting stress, workload and responsibility have made us forget the meaning of happiness. Our hectic schedule never allows us to take some time and embrace the beautiful life we have as there is always something we are striving to achieve; there is always something which must be done. This is where EmoSPARK, an Indiegogo funded, A.I home console, comes in handy!

It’s your friend which is committed to your happiness. It transfers all your real-life emotions and desires directly into a digital platform using state of art AI measurement, and technology. In other words, it’s designed to take your gaming, TV, smartphone and computer experience to the next level!,

Now you can engage in human-like conversation with your devices like never before! The transformation of emotions allows them to understand you and respond accordingly. To know more about it, head on over to the official Indiegogo page.

Source | EmoSPARK

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