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Online video has gotten massive during the last few years, partly due to the ability to embed video from one source to another.

This is a great concept for writers and anyone who wants to share videos. However, it’d be nice to be able to cut down and edit such video so you’re sharing exactly what you want to.

Particularly useful, and something I haven’t yet seen outside of video blogging, is the use of video to quote speech or reference specific information. It seems to be all or nothing at the moment.

Granted it is easier, if you were to quote somebody for instance, to just grab some text and paste it in your article. But the possibilities of integrating a form of communication so closely linked to print with the dynamism of video and everything digital are so great, it seems odd that such online editing sites haven’t blown up.

Thankfully, ExtremeTech have put 5 such sites to the test. Each review has a summarized table at it’s conclusion to make your decisions easier.

5 Free Online Video Editing Sites Reviewed – [ExtremeTech]

  • Cuts
  • Eyespot
  • Jumpcut
  • Motionbox
  • One True Media
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