Cut Down On Your Electric Bills By Using A Bamboo Sound Amplifier


Every day we use electricity for almost everything that we do. Whenever we use our computers, charge phones, and watch TV, we utilize electric.

In fact, every time we turn the lights on and use house appliances, we consume electricity. Accordingly, to survive these bleak economic times, any applicable measures to cut cost, especially household bills, can greatly contribute in our desire to save some cash. We can use those savings to buy additional basic needs, instead. For instance, we can purchase more healthy food.

That is why you’ll certainly welcome the brainchild of two brilliant guys into your doors, and into your hearts. Their new product, an eco-friendly amplifier called Loudbasstard, works with smartphones like the iTouch, iPhone, and the Samsung Galaxy 3, and other portable media devices.

Franz Ignacio, a New York based Filipino architect and Japanese-Filipino anthropologist Koh Onozawa fondly describe their cool invention, as a sustainable speaker that can operate without electricity.

So, how do you use this amplifier? While playing music on your phone, simply slip in your gadget into the hollow portion of the Loudbasstard. Upon properly edging your phone in, this wonder product will amplify the music. The concave shape of this electric-free amplifier will boost the sound of your gadget while listening to your favorite music.


Original Source – Gmanetwork

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