Create Profound 3D Images With The Lix Printing Pen


Have you ever wanted to draw in the air?

LIX, the smallest 3D printing pen, can make that happen. Using the product is incredibly easy. It plugs into a USB port for power, which allows you to start doodling within seconds.

The 3D pen was made for professionals and hardcore designers. It can be used to design flashy fashion prints on t-shirts and jackets. Alternatively, it is also versatile in creating outlandish prototypes. For cartoonists, the LIX pen can make your drawing come to life.

The creators of the drawing device understands the needs of today’s artists. Because of this, they prioritized comfort in the design of the product. At first glance, the pen is slim and the speed controls are tucked in nicely. The cord isn’t protruding in weird places. It’s also small enough to fit in your hand without looking or feeling awkward.

LIX – The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World | Kickstarter

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