Compartments 2: Keep Track Of Everything You Own


Keeping track of all the important stuff you own is a very good idea, but we rarely succeed at it. We keep forgetting where a particular thing was placed as it’s not where it was supposed to be. It can happen to everyone. No worries, Compartment 2, a Mac app, is going to help you with keeping track of everything you own!

You can easily add the most important information about your items for home inventory purposes, like replacement value, photos & receipts. With Compartments, you will have everything you need in the event of theft or disaster. Plus, Compartments tracks your warranty information, including contact info and expiration.

Use Compartments search to find anything in a flash. Or, quickly see a list of all your electronics. Or, view everything you’ve tagged as valuable. Compartments has live search that updates results as you type. You can even search in thumbnail mode to find exactly what you are looking for.

Source | Compartments 2

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