Charge Your USB For Free, Using The Sun


Need to charge your phone on the go?

Now you can bring your digital device back to life without an outlet using the Port Solar Charger. As the name suggests, the tool uses solar power to charge your dying mobile phone. The device is designed to harness the true power of the sun.


A great feature is the suction cup that allow individuals to efficiently stick the port to a window. This can ensure that the charger is absorbing the much-needed rays from the sun. The Port Solar Charger can also double as a power bank during cloudy days.

This device is perfect for students who don’t have time to charge their device and are always outdoors. You may never use your traditional charger ever again!

What are some creative ways you can use the Port Solar Charger to power your mobile device? Let us know what you think.

Port Solar Charger | Firebox

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