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Use Browser Care to Manage Add-ons and Toolbars from all Your Browsers

If you tend to install a lot of free software and aren’t hyper vigilant reading through installation wizards, your web browser likely is choked with unwanted add-ons and toolbars. It’s a common issue that can really affect your browsers performance. Though you can root through each of your installed web browsers and disable or uninstall most unwanted software, that can be time consuming. If you need to manage multiple browsers and keep them free of junk, Auslogics free application Browser Care is for you.

Browser Care is a simple application that offers a single simple interface from which you can monitor Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can view, disable or uninstall any add-ons, plug-ins or toolbars with a single click. It even lets you change your default search providers, delete your history and alter your home pages. For more information check out Waqas Ahmed’s article on AddictiveTips

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Browser Care maintains all your browsers in one place.

Use Browser Care to maintain your browsing data.

Original Source – AddictiveTips – Auslogics Browser Care is an All-in-One Maintenance Solution for Chrome, Firefox & IE

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