Imagine a perfectly busy Monday ahead of you, you gear up and rush out to meet the challenges head on. Ten miles down the road, you remember that you forgot your phone back home. The drive back to retrieve it can be a test of patience. At times like these, you wish you had some way of keeping tabs on important stuff you need to carry.

Bringrr is a device that solves the problem for those who tend to forget or misplace things. It works on Bluetooth technology and sits in the lighter dock of your car. When you get in the car, it lets you know if you are leaving behind anything important. BringTags are stick-on LE tags that can be put on wallet, backpack, laptop or even your cat. Pair the phone with Bringrr and next time you forget any item, it lets you know.

The device can be configured through the app to remind you of certain devices on select days. With BringTag on, finding those misplaced keys is no more going to be tedious like before.

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