The first time I saw a Bitstrips comic in my Facebook news feed I was intrigued and even a bit entertained. At first I thought it was a link to a funny comic on a website or something. I didn’t look into it I didn’t care enough. Then I started seeing more. Then it got to the point where I couldn’t look at my news feed without being bombarded by groan-inducing amature comics. It was then I decided I need to block Bitstrips.

If you want to take back your news feed and block Bitstrips, or any other annoying Facebook apps, you can do so quite easily. An amusing post by Buzzfeed’s Aibhe Malone explains the process quite well. Got a Bitstrip in front of you now? Click the arrow in the top-right corner of the comic and click “Hide all from Bitstrips.” If that isn’t an option you can head to the Blocking section of your Account Settings and enter the name of your hated app in the Block Apps field. You’re welcome.

Block Bitstrips.

Block Bitstrips from your Facebook account settings.

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