BlinkLink - Self-destructing Web Content


Blink and it’s gone.

Blinklink is the disappearing, self-destructing link generator used to post images to Twitter. Developer and Thiel Fellow Clay Allsopp rigged the blink to vanish after it’s reached the maximum number of views. As the number of clicks tick up, the number of remaining views counts down.

But, there’s a catch – You can opt to have your photo revived if someone new tweets the link.

blink link

Allsopp noted that this social experiment was intended to see if or how people would use disappearing content on the web. Unlike similar services like SnapChat, Blinklink allows for the reemergence of content and room for the collection of data.

“With views, you get immediate feedback that your content is being seen and it’s going somewhere–strangely enough, it feels good to see the view counter go down,” Allsopp said.

As for the next step, there isn’t much in the works. Because it’s cheap to run Allsopp doesn’t intend to shut it down just yet. Allsopp writes: “It’s definitely not my priority, but it’s a fun experiment and I’m curious to see where it’ll go.”

See for yourself: Blinklink

BlinkLink, A Snapchat For Twitter | Fast Company

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