Bad Posture? No Problem. This Desk Can Help You Fix That Instantly


Using computers all day can damage your back. Many people walk around slouching uncontrollably and don’t know what to do about it. Now you can fix this problem, while getting work done at the same time.

 Lift is a desk that adjusts according to the user’s height and reach. It’s like a desk tray extension for your low desk. The new height forces you to stand up while using the computer or reading. You surely won’t need a chair when using this.


The best part about the product is that it’s adjustable. Sometimes, you have to share a desk or you really have to sit down for a task.

No problem.

The latches on the side allows you to fix this issue. The wood finish not only looks great, but also matches most offices. If you’re worried about this being an eyesore, don’t. It looks perfectly normal.


LIFT – Upgrade Your Desk To A Standing Desk | Kickstarter

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