How to Automate your Inbox with Gmail Filters


Dealing with email can be a real pain. Constantly having to sort through messages, assign labels, drag to the proper tab and send endless responses for the same type of message can really mess up your day. If you find yourself grinding away at your Gmail inbox wishing there was an easier way, you need to check out filters.

Using Gmail’s built-in filters you can automate your inbox to perform all sorts of tasks for you. You can forward messages from certain people to other accounts, apply labels to sort incoming messages and even reply to certain messages with canned responses. Though you have to take some time to set them up, once in place your filters will ensure your inbox is always just the way you like it. Check out this article on MakeTechEasier for more information.

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Gmail Canned Response Filter

Reply to Gmail messages with stored responses.

Original Source – MakeTechEasier – 9 Ways to Make Better Use of Gmail Filters

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