Are You Using Dropbox's New Dedicated Photo App?


If you’re a hardcore Dropbox user and you like to take pictures with your smartphone, you’ll love the new Carousel app.

I use Dropbox for everything. From personal file storage to sharing projects at work. For those who rely on the cloud storage service for file management, it only makes sense to use their dedicated photo management application.

Carousel is designed to store your pictures as you take them. It creates a timeline that allows you to browse through your photos in the order they were taken. After installation, it automatically arranges your pics.

The interface is clean and easy to use. You don’t need a tutorial or guide to operate the app. The features are straightforward, making adoption quick. Sharing pictures using Carousel is one of the best features that will be used often.

The big share button in the top left side of the app is hard to miss.

Carousel by Dropbox | Apple

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