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An Introduction to Wunderlist [Video]

If you need a simple, elegant cross platform task list manager, Wunderlist is a great option.

We’ve discussed it here at Lifehack before, and it has many appealing features that are desirable by people both new and well-versed in the area of productivity apps. Wunderlist is free, and available on pretty much every platform.

Let’s dive into Wunderlist in the video below, shall we?

To recap, here are just some of Wunderlist’s features:

  • Sharing
  • Synchronization
  • Smart date recognition
  • Print your tasks
  • Language support
  • CloudApp support
  • Send tasks by email
  • Customization options (such as changeable backgrounds)
  • Multi-platform sharing

Head over to the service’s main website to get started — and get started getting more done today!

(Photo credit: Time Management Ninja)

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