Adobe Shares Links

Advertising just posted that Adobe shared their links with the world. Look at some of the goodness they’ve found for you. This is just a copy/paste of some of their PhotoShop links:

  • mcstrick: Photos & Visual Art by Christopher Gilbert
  • That Wicked Worn Look ~ The Series ~ Authentic Boredom
  • — Lightroom/Photoshop Adventure Blog Posts
  • Imagen digital, apuntes de diseño gráfico digital
  • The Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop Iceland Adventure – O’Reilly Digital Media Blog
  • Pixel Groovy – submitted tutorials on design and development
  • A “digg”-like site for web design and development tutorials.
  • The first version of Photoshop
  • Newest Photoshop Tutorials | TutorialOutpost
  • Free Photoshop CS 2 video tutorials –
  • Webmaster Tutorials, Guides and More – TutorialDash

There’s mountains and mountains of Adobe stuff in here, so if you’ve got a question about any Adobe product, hold off on Googling and check out their first.

Adobe’s links – [via]

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