How to Add Windows 7 Snap Function To Your Mac


Snap is a feature of Windows 7 that helps you to resize and organize your windows by simply dragging them to the edges of your screen. For those who love multi-tasking, Snap is an essential tool for the computer. However, for Mac OS users, there is no built-in Snap feature. Mac users need to do a lot of switching about when they are working with multiple documents, image editing or using several browser windows to research content. With the BetterTouchTool application, it  lets you snap your application windows to specific locations in your Mac just like Windows 7 Snap. BetterTouchTool, as the name suggests, is a tool that adds new gestures which gives you more control over your Mac’s Trackpad or Mouse.


BetterTouchTool lets you define tons of gestures for your Macbooks’ Trackpad, your MagicMouse and your Magic Trackpad. In addition to that it bring lots of new stuff to MacOS like Windows 7 like window snapping, window switcher etc…

 Enjoy BetterTouchTool Here!

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