9 Science Apps for Budding Einsteins


Is your youngster fascinated by astronomy, chemistry, biology or other science? Then encourage their educational interests with the great science apps for kids on this wonderful list compiled by Playful Learning.

A few of our favorite kid’s science apps from the list include:

  • Planets: Aside from letting your youngster manipulate the globe to see different parts of the world in darkness and light in real time, this science app also lets your child choose a location and see the stars and planets in the night sky from that area.
  • Wilderquest: Developed specifically for animals in Australia, this cool app lets your child wander around while listening to the natural sounds of a variety of animals in the bush land to try to uncover them by moving their iPad.
  • Brain Pop Jr. Movie of the Week: Every day this app releases a new movie about any number of topic. Best of all, the daily science video app is free.
  • Ansel and Clair with Cretaceous Dinosaurs: Based on all number of scientific resources about dinosaurs, this app provides children with a sense of adventure as they learn engaging facts about the creatures of the cretaceous period.

science apps for kids into science


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