9 Best Google Reader Alternatives in 2013


Google Reader has been given it’s execution date. It’s time for us to say goodbye to cliché and embrace some better RSS readers. We have created a list of 9 best Google Reader Alternatives for you. Each of them contains different unique and special features. Google Reader service will be ended in 1st July, 2013, this will give you time to try them one by one and pick the one suits you the best without losing out on the news and articles you want.

1. Feedly (Web, iOS, Android)

Feedly combines the visual appeal of a magazine with all your online content.

Go To: Feedly

2. Taptu (Web, iOS, Android, Nook, Blackberry)


Taptu connects your mobile devices and web with a seamless social news reading experience.

Go to: Taptu

3. Newsblur (Web, iOS, Android)


NewsBlur bring a strong social aspect to your RSS reader.

Go to: Newsblur

4. Pulse [Web, iOS, Android]


Pulse helps you to bring your favorite websites and transforms them into an interactive mosaic, which is much easier for you to consume latest news.

Go to: Pulse

5. Fever [Web, iOS, Mac]


Fever reads your personal feeds and pick out the hottest topic about links from a customizable period of time.

Go to: Fever

6. Netvibes [Web]


Netvibes can turn your RSS feed into an iGoogle-like interface.

Go to: Netvibes

7. Flipboard [iOS, Android]


Flipboard brings together all your favourite sources and social news in a huge magazine on your mobile devices.

Go to: Flipboard


8. The Older Reader [Web]

The Older Reader

It’s like the old Google Reader with a better interface and simpler navigation.

Go to: The Old Reader

9. Google Currents [iOS, Android]

google current

Google Currents delivers well-organized editions to your mobile devices for offline reading and high speed.

Go to: Google Current

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