In the United States, there are 14 million parents who own a mobile device and who have children between the ages zero and three. To help them become better parents, or at least to make it easier to be parents, we’ve compiled a list of recommended mobile apps. The apps included range from those that entertain kids to those that help find affordable parking near popular destinations for family outings.

Here’s our list of essential downloads to make life easier for modern parents. Hopefully at least one will win you a “world’s best parent” phone case!

1. Remember the Milk


Type: Task management and organization
Cost: Free
About: As a parent, you have many responsibilities and daily tasks, from managing your household, to working, and taking care of your children. The Remember the Milk app helps you manage your time and tasks easily. Stay on top of everything, and avoid endless to-do lists and post it notes. Using your mobile phone, you can take your to-do list anywhere with this feature packed app.

Remember the Milk iOS App | Remember the Milk Android App

2. SpotHero Parking


Type: Parking/Transportation
Cost: Free
About: Outings with your children require a good deal of preparation, and where you’ll park is probably your last concern. SpotHero can help you find and reserve discounted parking near your next family outing in advance. No more, “Are we there yet?” from the kids as you circle for parking. No more spousal disputes about who can find the closest spot. And no more overpaying for downtown parking. Use the savings to buy your kids a reward for good behavior.

SpotHero Parking iOS App | SpotHero Parking Android App

3. Waze GPS


Type: GPS navigation
Cost: Free
About: If you own a smartphone, there’s no need to invest in a GPS system. Waze, a free GPS navigation app, provides parents with up-to-the-second traffic updates to help them arrive on time for school, doctor’s appointments, and playdates. Never get stuck in traffic again!

Waze iOS App | Waze Android App

4. iFood Assistant by Kraft

KRAFT FOODS IFOOD ASSISTANT ON MOBILE DEVICEType: Food – easily browse kid-friendly recipes on your smartphone
Cost: Free
About: Cooking is a “social” activity. Busy parents no longer have to stress about what to make for dinner. The iFood Assistant brings the Kraft recipe database straight to your phone with many easy and delicious meal options for your children. The app is simple to use, and you can browse through over 7,000 recipes.

iFood Assistant by Kraft iOS App | iFood Assistant by Kraft Android App

5. iSitter

5Type: Bluetooth baby monitor
Cost: Free
About: This is the ideal app for busy and active parents who don’t have a baby monitor. To quell your worries while your baby is asleep, and avoid spending big bucks on a baby monitor, you can use this app to monitor your sleeping angel. Your two iOS devices serve as the parent and baby sides. One device is placed near the crib, and the other stays with the caretaker.

iSitter iOS App

6. PBS Kids: PBS Parents Play & Learn


Type: Entertainment
Cost: Free
About: Parents can easily entertain their children with the PBS Kids app, which allows kids to watch their favorite shows on the go. The app is specifically designed to help keep children entertained: the short segments are perfect for kids’ attention spans, and the app is easy for children to navigate.

PBS Kids: PBS Parents Play & Learn iOS App | PBS Kids: PBS Parents Play & Learn Android App

7. Kid Mode by Zoodles

7Type: All-in-one parenting app that puts your mobile phone into “kid mode”
Cost: Free
About: Young children love using their parents’ phones. Now parents can feel safe about handing their phones to their children to watch hundreds of educational videos or read storybooks.

Kid Mode by Zoodles iOS App | Kid Mode by Zoodles Android App

8. Disney Junior

8Type: Entertainment
Cost: Free
About: Disney Junior offers multiple apps for parents, including WATCH Disney Junior and Disney Junior Appisodes. Parents can easily keep their children entertained with their favorite Disney shows.

Disney Junior iOS App

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