Your Mac is coughing blood! You gasp in horror as you watch it wriggle in pain. It can barely stand, let alone, work. Suddenly, thoughts come rushing to you like bullets–you’ve been slaving on loads of numerous articles, marketing tasks, and social media networking. You forgot to clean up. You did not organize. You stopped monitoring the stuff you you were feeding your device.

Now you realize, overtime, as you were not looking, your Mac began to get sick. You finally notice, it needs to lie down in a hospital bed. Heck, you comprehend just this minute–you badly need to stay around, apply some urgent first aid steps, even.

You’re not reading an episode of a horror-fantasy TV series, you’re looking at a real life scene when your Mac needs rescuing.

Below, you’ll find tips on how to speed up your Mac when its screaming: “revive me please!”
How to Speed Up Your Mac – 7 Easy Steps! by Michelle via Mach Machines

Featured photo credit: Flickr Big Cats/ via

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